Seattle Legacy Businesses is a local and statewide community of individuals, business/property owners, organizations, corporations, and agencies collaborating to advocate for Seattle's unique, long-time, neighborhood businesses that occupy an essential role in the stories and rituals that define the city. These bars, restaurants, cafés, and shops have attracted locals and visitors alike for a taste of the city’ s unique character and sense of community. Inspired by San Francisco's Legacy Bars and Restaurants program, this project intends to recognize Seattle's important establishments; identify elements that contribute to the culture, character, and history of Seattle; and establish goals to protect them.

We aim to broaden the network of support for this effort and welcome all to join us! We invite you to take this survey so we can learn from you what businesses in your neighborhood you’ve loved and lost or fear may be in peril. Help identify places that matter to you and foster an atmosphere in which they might better thrive going forward.

Inquiries? Contact us seattlelegacybusinesses@gmail.com




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